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Health and Wealth in Hard Times...
Identify your values, areas you can control, and what is most essential.
  • 6 classes beginning January 15, 2009
  • Thursdays 7-8:30 pm
  • $96 before Dec 20th, $110 after
The Quality Diet...
targets your body and food fitness.
For life.

What if you could?...
  • Elevate the quality of your food and reap the healing benefits on your metabolism
  • Use the "slim advantage" to help you leverage your eating habits one step at a time
  • Celebrate food in a way that you never dreamed possible
  • No more fad diets, ever. Eat for pleasure, energy and healthy body composition

the quality diet) an 8-session program designed to give you the tools to reconstruct your eating lifestyle. Based on the latest research in nutrition, you will be provided with:

  • 8 sessions packed with information, inspiration & support for designing your healthy lifestyle
  • Reading materials and personal journal worksheets
  • Personalized sample menu plans
  • Lifestyle planning pages

tuition) $245 (Register with a friend and your friend is half price!)

nourish yourself - revolutionizing the way we eat breaking down the confusion) Who's in charge—ideas of what you "should" be eating or your appetite? Rediscover the relationship between pleasure and health and take a historical look at eating in America.

eating the "right" foods) What constitutes "healthy" food? When does food become medicine? Explore research that guides our decisions about what to eat.

how to eat with grace) Find our how rituals and social habits diminish overeating and deeply nourish us. Discover how other cultures approach food and derive great pleasure from eating-and experience less chronic disease.

designing a new eating lifestyle) Look at research that has studied people who have lost weight and kept it off. Learn about cutting-edge research on how we can prevent diabetes and heart disease through diet. Discover the Slow Food movement. Construct an individual plan.

This class has been taught within the last year in Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Corvalis, Oregon.

Emily Matuszewicz DC is a recognized speaker who is often featured at universities, post-graduate courses, conferences and workshops across the country. Her classes have been described as "catalytic" and "life changing."

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