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guide to treatment) Welcome to Metropolis. As the founder of Metropolis and as a practitioner of homeopathic and chiropractic health care, this center embodies my passion and the passions of those with whom I practice to help people be free from physical, emotional and mental encumbrances-to help them more fully become themselves. The modalities, or types of treatments, we apply are not employed simply because they support our philosophies of a holistic approach to health care but because we witness real and transformational results in the patients we treat.

You are coming to us for a reason—be it relief from chronic pain or a desire to achieve a greater sense of well being. In our collective experience, a clear pattern has emerged in those patient-practitioner relationships that are successful and provide patients with sustained health and strength. This pattern consists of a mutual partnership based on an open exchange between patient and practitioner and a shared understanding of our approach to and expectations associated with addressing their needs. It is our hope that this guide provides you with the information necessary for the beginnings of such a partnership towards health and allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to work with us.

We understand that you have many choices available to you in addressing your specific needs and we deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

To Your Health,
Emily Matuszewicz, D.C. Founder, Metropolis

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